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An Apple a Day

Should we be incorporating an apple into our daily routine? Absolutely!

Apples are loaded with nutrients and they are also…

♦ High in fiber

♦ Low in fat

♦ Low in calories

♦ Unprocessed

Apples are one of my favorite healthy snacks, especially if I am on the go. I’ll just wash an apple, pack it together with a handful of almonds and toss them into my purse.

If I start to feel a little hungry while I’m out and about, I know I have a healthy alternative ready and waiting.  Ensuring that you have a snack with you while your running errands hopefully means there are less chances of having to consume something that may otherwise be unhealthy or processed to satisfy your hunger.

When I’m on the go with my kids, I always make sure to pack some healthy snacks and water for us all before leaving the house. Taking that extra few minutes to plan ahead is well worth it. If you are a mom that has been in the car with hungry, cranky kids, I know you can relate!

My kids will usually have an apple in their lunch or as part of their afternoon snack. They love sliced apples paired with peanut butter.

Remember to keep the peel on. Two thirds of the fiber and many of the antioxidants in apples are found in the peel.

Guided Wellness Challenge: Incorporate an apple a day into your meal plan for 5 days straight. Use your calendar to mark off each day you were successful to track your progress. Challenge your family to do the same.

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