5 Things You Can Start Doing TODAY to Live a

Healthier Happier Life

♦ No Fancy Equipment Required ♦ No Expensive Supplements to Buy ♦ No Fad Diet to Follow

The foundations of living a healthier happier life can be as simple as incorporating these 5 things into your daily routine. Even if you commit to just one of the things on this list you will be making a positive step towards improving your well-being (but I suggest you work your way up to incorporating all 5 of these things into your daily routine for maximum benefits), you deserve it!

1. Lemon Water First Thing in the Morning. Staying hydrated is essential for every metabolic process in your body – especially first thing after waking up in the morning as your body has naturally lost water during sleep. Did you know that lemon (and lime) juice help to stimulate bile production? Liver bile is a natural lubricant and nature’s best laxative for the bowels. Lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can help to eliminate toxins in your stool and keep your bowel movements regular. Squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon (about 1/3 to 1/2 a lemon) into a glass of room temperature or warm water and enjoy! 

If lemon water is not your thing – stick to plain old water or enjoy an herbal tea first thing after waking up. At the very least try to increase your daily overall water intake by making a commitment to drinking ½ your body weight in ounces daily (i.e. 140-pound person = 70 ounces or approximately 9 cups a day).  Consider that even mild dehydration can have adverse effects like HUNGER and FATIGUE. And as an added bonus of staying hydrated: you will not only feel better, you will look younger!

2. Morning Workout. Moving our bodies every day is vital to our health and provides benefits not only to our physical health but also our mental health. And you don’t require any fancy exercise equipment or gym membership in order to get your body moving. Engaging in some kind of movement (walking, running, yoga, cycling, weight training or HIIT training etc.) each day for 20 minutes or more not only will get your metabolism revving but it will also improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic system, improve digestion and aid in heart and respiratory health. Even something as simple as walking will keep your cells and organs in check, help you to maintain a healthy weight and even promote better sleep. Try one of my favorite HIIT workouts here – no equipment for this routine is required and you can do it anywhere!

Getting your workout done first thing in the morning will start you off in the right direction usually resulting in better food choices throughout the day and as a bonus you can check this off your to-do list instead of pushing it to the end of the day when most of us have less energy and are more likely to skip our workout all together – sound familiar? It’s happened to the best of us.

Guided Wellness Tip: Ask a friend to join you in this daily challenge to help keep you accountable.

3. One Raw Meal a Day: We all know how important it is to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that have not been cooked retain their full nutrient potential and contain enzymes that naturally aid in digestion, not to mention they contain mineral-rich water for better health and hydration. Raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes that are vital to our metabolic process in the body from digestion to cell repair. Consuming raw whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds allow the body to put its energy into cleansing and getting rid of harmful toxins. They will nourish the body on every level – physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual and you will no doubt notice an increase in energy!

An easy approach to consuming more raw foods is to commit to eating one fully raw meal a day, which is also a great way to meet the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables. Your raw meal can be as simple as enjoying a mixed bowl of your favorite fruits or a mono-meal with one fruit. Consuming a large juice or smoothie (32 to 64 ounces) is a tasty way to pack in a variety fruits and veggies.  Experiment with raw noodles such as zucchini noodles or sweet potato noodles tossed in a simple homemade pesto using raw nuts or seeds. Large salads for lunch are usually my thing packed with a variety of colorful vegetables, topped with nuts and/or seeds and a healthy dressing like my CITRUS BEET SALAD made with a delicious TANGY CUMIN DRESSING – a must try!

4. Calmness of Mind: Taking as little as 15 minutes a day to relax your mind and practice either deep breathing, mediation or just getting outside with nature can do wonders for your overall well-being. The Mind + Body + Spirit connection is a powerful force. Of course it is important that we are eating the right foods and moving our bodies often but if we are constantly consumed with stress, anxiety and fears our bodies will be in a constant state of “flight-or-fight” mode which can wreak havoc on our immune systems and have damaging effects on our physical and mental state both in the long run and short run. Allowing yourself to take time out of your day to clear your mind and draw in positive thoughts will not only help you feel great you will begin to notice a difference in your interactions with people, your confidence levels and your overall happiness.

There are countless apps when it comes to mediation, not to mention a ton of free guided meditations offered online but if mediation is not your thing, practice some simple deep breathing exercises which can improve cognitive function, encourage positive thought process and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. There are many deep breathing techniques. Choose a method you feel most comfortable with and aim to practice the technique at least twice a day to see results. Here is one I like to practice during my work day called Box Breathing: inhale for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, wait at the very end of the exhale for a count of 4, and repeat.

Guided Wellness Tip: Add a reminder in your calendar to help you commit to this daily habit until it becomes second nature!

5. Add More Greens: Adding more dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard, arugula sprouts and broccoli into your diet will help increase your consumption of alkalizing minerals to fight acidic wastes. These power packed foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and are rich in chlorophyll. The not only nourish our bodies but also help to detoxify boost immunity, fight against inflammation and even act as prebiotics to encourage friendly bacteria for gut health! Incorporate more greens into salads, soups and stews or sneak them into smoothies. If you are adverse to the taste then start small and increase your serving of greens gradually. Having a green drink a day is another way to help boost your greens content and its one of my daily habits. I alternative between spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella powder mixed with water and sip on this green drink during my morning workout (checking off 2 boxes at a time daily workout and daily greens!). Learn more about WHEATGRASS here on my previous Instagram post.

Please remember to consult with a physician before making any changes to your diet and fitness goals. Please note that I am not a doctor, registered nutritionist or personal trainer. I am passionate about health and wellness with a desire to provide useful information to help you on your journey to living a healthier more natural lifestyle. I am only sharing my opinions and experiences, the rest is up to you!